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Press Release – May 5, 2012

Vancouver, Canada; May 5, 2012 – DigitalMBA™, a subsidiary of iConsultants GBSI, today announced the official launch of its website ( as part of its strategic plan to position the company as a market leader in educational consulting in Asia and around the globe.

DigitalMBA™is the ultimate resource destination for higher education and career opportunities.  Through our collaboration with hundreds of accredited universities, industry leaders and employers from North America, Asia, and the U.K., we strive to provide you with clear and concise summaries of major schools that offer MBA and other professional programs, both online and traditional, as well as comprehensive reviews & updated rankings for schools across the globe.  We offer relevant and timely articles on education/career trends and admission related issues, including insights and strategies on how to prepare for the SAT, GMAT and LSAT.

DigitalMBA™ is developed and managed by iConsultants Global Business Solutions Inc. (iConsultants GBSI), a transnational management consulting firm with consulting offices in Vancouver, Tokyo, London and Hong Kong, as well as a network of affiliates located throughout Asia and the world.  iConsultants GBSI aggressively pursues growth opportunities and has acquired majority stakes in many startup companies in Asia and in North America

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