The Power of Ideas

A Message From Our CEO….

The power of a new idea is the engine that transforms the way we think and live. Ideas changed the world. Ideas are changing the world. The best ideas, ones with the most impact and longevity, are usually transferable from one industry to another, from one locale to another, with the same or even greater success. As we are now in the midst of the digital age…. paradigm shifts occur more frequently. Paradigm shift, a term coined by Thomas Kuhn in his book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, is the moment when our worldview fundamentally changes because of a new idea or because new technologies evolving from new ideas have led us to look at our world differently.

DigitalMBA™ has been inspired by one such idea. Knowledge is the foundation on which many new ideas are born. Knowledge itself is meaningless if not applied… The creation or discovery, learning, understanding, and the application of knowledge are so important that we believe that the process is more life changing than the actual knowledge itself. Our motto…The Power to learn is the Power to Grow…. reflects our belief that as long as we retain our ability to learn new things, new skills, we will always be inspired… we will always remain relevant… in this rapidly changing world.

eCommerce and Internet auctions started on a global scale long ago by companies like Amazon and eBay have changed how we shop and buy everything. Pioneered by Facebook and LinkedIn, social and business networking via the Internet have changed the way we interact and communicate with each other. Smart phones and tablets using mobile apps have quickly become our primary computers and have ushered in a new era of rapid software/hardware development where our favorite gadget and communication device may become our personal access to super computing power in the Cloud. Access to higher education, utilizing tradition or online models, is now available to the public at an unprecedentedly high level.

We hope that DigitalMBA™ will help to ignite the spark that begins your quest for further learning and greater enrichment of the mind… the possibilities are almost infinite and opportunities abound.


Tim Tsang
Chief Executive Officer



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