Featured School: International University of Japan

The International University of Japan ( IUJ ) (国際大学 Kokusai Daigaku) is a private university located in Minami-Uonuma city in Niigata Prefecture.  The IUJ campus is approximately 230 km northwest of Tokyo (about 100 minutes by shinkansen/bullet train) and is situated in scenic but rural surroundings, in a region of Japan known as “Snow Country” with an average of 2 to 3 meters of heavy snowfall in winter.

IUJ is the first, and one of the few Japanese universities, which run their courses entirely in English.  It now offers Master’s degrees in international development, Public Management and Policy Analysis, international peace studies and international relations, as well as MBA programs in business administration and e-business.  IUJ is fully approved and accredited by the Japanese Ministry of Education.

The IUJ campus has an extremely diverse student body, with students from all over the world.  In the 2007/2008 Academic year there were students from 47 different countries.  To celebrate its international characteristics, IUJ hosts an international night called “Open Day” during the Fall term and an “ASEAN Night” during the spring term, during which students from the various countries showcase their respective cultures and cuisine to the local community.


IUJ was founded in 1982 with the aim of developing global leaders with a high level of specialized theoretical and practical knowledge, together with an understanding and empathy toward the world’s variety of cultures, thereby enhancing their ability to contribute to the global society.  It was established with extensive support from Japan’s industrial, financial and educational communities as well as from the local community. The Graduate School of International Relations (GSIR) was the first school at IUJ.  In 1988, The Graduate School of International Management (GSIM) was established in collaboration with the Amos Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College as the first US-style business school in Japan.  In that same year, the Matsushita Library & Information Center (MLIC) was established with an endowment from the Matsushita International Foundation.

The university also runs two research institutes. The IUJ Research Institute is based on campus and is made up of the former Center for Japan-US Relations, the Institute of Middle Eastern Studies, the International Management Research Institute and the Research Institute of Asian Development, all of which merged in 1997 into the current entity. The Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM) is an IUJ research institute based in Tokyo.  GLOCOM was established in spring of 1991 as a social science institute specializing in the study of information society and Japan.  GLOCOM’s research focuses on the social, economic and cultural impacts of new communications technologies.

Academic Programs

IUJ offers only Master’s degree programs.  The Graduate School of International Management offers two graduate programs: a full-time MBA program and an E-Business Management (MEB) program.  The Graduate School of International Relations offers three graduate programs: International Relations Program (IRP), the International Development Program (IDP), Public Management and Policy Analysis Program (PMPP).

All the courses are two-year programs, except the eBusiness program which runs for one year.  All courses require a thesis submission at the end.

Language programs

In addition, IUJ offers two optional language programs, one in English and the other in Japanese. These language programs are offered to students from both graduate schools (GSIR and GSIM).

The English language courses are designed for non-native English speakers who wish to develop their English proficiency to the level required to participate fully in the English-medium environment of IUJ.  It includes an Intensive English Program (IEP) held in the summer and Academic English courses held throughout the academic year.

The Japanese Language Program (JLP) offers non-native Japanese speakers the opportunity to learn the Japanese language at four different proficiency levels, from Basic to Advanced.

Research & education platforms

To complement Academic work, IUJ requires all students to participate in research through a Research and Education Platform (REP).  These platforms are sponsored by leading Japanese companies such as Panasonic and Fuji Xerox. The Platforms are designed in such a way that students participate actively in current research with faculty. The work done could culminate into a masters thesis. These platforms emphasize collaboration with other IUJ stakeholders such as sponsor companies, IUJ alumni, international organizations, governments and the local community, so as to achieve a multidirectional and comprehensive approach to problem solving.  Some of IUJ REP platforms include:

  1. Global Governance and Development
  2. International Cooperation, Development and Human Security
  3. Evolution of Financial Systems under Globalization
  4. The impact of Mobile Technologies on Markets and Societies
  5. Corporate Restructuring and Mergers and Acquisitions
  6. Performance Evaluation and Incentive System
  7. Toward Value Co-Creation through New Forms of Customer Relationships
  8. Dynamics of Strategy Formation

You can contact IUJ’s Tokyo Office at:

Harks Roppongi Bldg. 2F, 6-15-21 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032, Japan.
Tel: 81 (3) 5770-1711  Fax: 81 (3) 5412-7111


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