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DigitalMBA Global MBA Rankings based on trends, salary and specializationThe Global 200 Business Schools Survey/Report is conducted by QS annually and is meant to provide a practical alternative to traditional business school rankings.

It provides an overview of the most popular business schools around the world, based on details compiled from an annual survey (from over 2000 companies) of human resources (HR) managers with recruiting responsibilities.  Respondents from each company are asked a series of questions about MBA recruiting in the previous and the forthcoming year, and their responses provide information on:

MBA recruitment trends;

MBA salaries and compensation trends;

Business School rankings by region and by specialization

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The research is intended to be of use to employers, prospective MBA students and institutions worldwide that are interested in global business education and recruitment trends.  At the heart of the report is the definitive list of 200 business schools from which employers prefer to recruit MBAs.

This report includes only business schools offering full-time MBA programs, resulting in well-known business schools such as ESCP Europe and HEC Lausanne (which only offer executive MBA, part-time MBA and/or masters programs) being excluded.

Check out Business Schools Rankings in each of the following Geographical Regions:

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Latin America


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